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Video Connect Mid North Coast

video connect on the mid north coastVideo Connect on the Mid North Coast creates videos to capture attention.  Attention from your existing customers and the attention of new and prospective customers.

Importantly, we specialise in the needs of small to medium business offering affordable Videos that promote your business, products and services to a wider media-savvy audience. 

Since, this audience has grown up on Facebook, YouTube and iPads attention span is short!  Therefore, your business needs to grab that attention within seven seconds before they move on! 

So, isn’t it time that your business caught up with the media preferences of today’s market?

Video Connect on the Mid North Coast creates videos for your:


  • content for your business website
  • properties for sale
  • articles for your blog
  • properties for holiday rental
  • properties for permanent rental
  • training programs
  • product demonstrations, and
  • product how-to guides.


So, come on, talk to us now about how affordable, targeted video adds power to your marketing and promotion efforts.

Yes, please contact me I need to capture attention!